nah, i'm too punk rock for that shit

i am 20 y/o whovian from poland, obsessed with tea, food, tv series and my hair. i am funny. or at least i try to.
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"Made me want to join a Mariachi band just to be near you."

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He was just trying to make Sammy’s favorite sandwich

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Crowley Appreciation Post:

Everyone is talking about Castiel and the angels, but can we take a minute to talk about Crowley? 

Okay, so Crowley is the King of Hell. Standard evil guy, right? No wonder the Winchesters locked him in their dungeon. He’s consistently viewed as the antagonist, as the opposition for the heroes. 

But here’s my thing. Crowley only ever wanted to preserve himself and his race. And isn’t that exactly what Sam and Dean want? So Crowley lied to the Winchesters because he’s trying to survive. Don’t they do exactly the same? 

However, Crowley is actually a pretty damn honest and polite demon. He turned Hell into a friggin’ queue for crying out loud. He makes his contracts, but the people know that he’ll come calling in ten year’s time. He makes that perfectly clear. And, as promised, Crowley never comes to collect until the day the contract is up. He gives the people their wish and their ten years, just as he promised, and they give him their souls, just like they promised. He may be shady. He may fudge the lines a bit. But once he’s made a deal, he sticks to it. And that’s how he runs Hell: on order and promises. 

And along comes Abaddon. This grandiose Knight of Hell who hadn’t been heard from in decades. Who, for all intents and purposes, abandoned Hell and the demons in a crucial moment. But she just waltzes in, looks at everything Crowley has built, everything he’s risked his existence, his life for, and tears it all down. She wants to rule Hell with chaos and pain. She wants to ruin Crowley, to break him, almost. 

And Crowley’s reaction is heartbreaking. Again, we see that human side of him. The side that’s honestly just trying his best to turn chaos into order, turn darkness into a small sliver of light. He has been trying so hard to maintain an honest rule with, let’s face it, pretty damn honest and upstanding demons. And he is absolutely devastated that Abaddon would destroy it all so callously. 

What Sam and Dean overlook is that Crowley never acted like their idea of a demon. He was always different, even before the trials. And now his dormant emotions and ideals are surfacing. His triumphs, his downfalls, and now his heartbreaks. Crowley was never like the rest of them. He was always, somehow, more man than monster. And I think we’re going to get a hell of a chance to see that. 

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And you’re not even going to see him when you’re in Idaho??

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Grumpy!Crowley was the CUTEST moment of the episode i swear!

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